KL2026 4 PT Rule Tweaker Set

£109.95 ex VAT

A revolutionary tool from Bar-Plate that works both on and off press. When the knife needs to be moved just a smidgen more to the left, or when the miter needs just a touch to make it perfect, or the crease needs just a tap to straighten it, we have the tool for you. When making a rule profile adjustment, it is critical that you don’t damage or mark the knife. Bar-Plate has developed the Rule Tweaker to correct knife distortion in the die, to ensure accurate joint alignment and even to modify the die cut profile.

We call this TWEAKING. The Rule Tweaker can also be used to change the folding characteristics of a container or box by bending the creasing rule to improve carton assembly. The Rule Tweaker’s interchangeable handle can be used with any available heads.  The 4pt Rule Tweaker Set has a handle in 4pt, and comes with  ½” and 1″ heads. (3 1/2″ and 6″ heads are available separately).

With a choice of head widths and point configurations, the Rule Tweaker allows you to “tweak” the necessary area without rule distortion. The height of the tweaking slot is designed to protect the edge of the rule from damage.

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