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WL-30 Heat Bond Tape Laminator

WL-30 Heat Bond Tape Laminator

Product Description

The Heat Bond Laminator is designed to apply 3M Brand Heat Activated Tapes to continuous profile extrusions for the industrial, consumer and automotive OEM markets.

The tape is unwound and guided over a cooled lamination wheel onto the extrusion. The air cylinder loaded lamination wheel compensates for variations in profile thickness.

Hot air is blown onto the heat activated adhesive and product immediately before it is laminated onto the product by a thermostatically controlled hot air torch. The product conveyor pulls the extrusion into the laminating wheel. The WL-30 Machine can be adapted to run a wide variety of extrusion profiles.

The WL-30 has two tape roll holding spindles but can be setup with powered unwinds for level wound tape.

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