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A Remanufactured Kluge comes from the Kluge factory and has, as you can see in photos, been taken fully apart for assessment, repair, repaint before reassembly and is Remanufactured on the same assembly line as new Kluge presses.

It has been said that the biggest competition to a Kluge EHD, is a Kluge EHD. There are a lot of old used Kluge presses around and these can look attractive price-wise, compared to a New or Remanufactured EHD press. However, the apparent economy may not be as good with this press as when purchasing New or Remanufactured Press from the original manufacturer. When comparing the price of a used Kluge EHD, with a new or Remanufactured Kluge EHD, then please make sure that you consider the following issues:

  • All new and remanufactured Kluge presses come with an owner’s manual and a part’s manual.
  • A new Kluge press has a one year warranty on parts and a Remanufactured Kluge has a 6 month warranty on parts.
  • Kluge maintains a complete inventory of parts for all presses that are currently manufactured. For product liability reasons we do not sell parts to machines that were made before 1960. (If there is any question about the age of a press we encourage people to contact us for accurate information).
  • The purchase of a new and or remanufactured Kluge includes installation. Additional operator training is also available.
  • Kluge welcomes visitors to see a press prior to shipment. When purchasing a used press from a source other than Kluge it is a good idea to get the serial number of the actual press you are purchasing and to have the sales agreement specify the press you are getting.
  • Kluge will be happy to demonstrate the press for you or send you samples of work produced on the press.

In addition, it is important that you are aware of product liability issues. All Kluge presses, new or remanufactured, are guarded to meet current OSHA and ANSI standards. While these standards are very specific there is one quick question you may ask: if a used press seller states that they meet current standards ask what that standard requires. The standards require that a press operating at 1800 IPH stop within ¼ revolution when the working area of the press is accessed. The press also needs to be capable of being locked and tagged out during maintenance. Again, all new and remanufactured Kluge’s meet today’s standards.


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