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Packaging Tape Solutions

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The Straub Design Company is always looking to the future and focusing on designing tomorrow’s solutions. Often that means looking at how it is possible to make the future more sustainable, productive and economical. 

Adhesive Tape Application for the Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, one of the largest demands is for corrugated materials. At the rate the market and consumers are going, that demand is rising and becoming more complex. Straub Design Company has been designing for the packaging industry since Day 1. Their main players are the T-627 and T-626 Tape Applicators along with the SF-40/SD-40 Automatic Taping System that applies a variety of tape at up to 350 feet or 107 meters per minute.

Straub Design also understand that packaging solutions need to be versatile. That’s why they have designed applicators that can be mounted on your equipment. Want a whole system? We can also provide that. Need a variety of transfer tapes for sealing your products? We have that system, too. Whatever your packaging need is, we have the tape applicator solution for it.

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