KL1510 Nicking Chisel Set (Holder plus 1 each 0.20 0.30 0.40

£98.00 ex VAT

Nicking Chisel Set for Flat and Rotary Dies

The key to proper nicking is to always nick perpendicular to the cutting edge of the knife. While a Quicknick Grinder is the perfect solution, it is not always the answer for everyone. So, here is a cost-effective alternative to grinding that can fit into anyone’s budget—the Nicking Chisel Set. The Nicking Chisel Set is a simple, inexpensive tool for nicking dies. The set comes complete with a knurled holder and three standard tips, .020″, .030″ & .040″. The male-threaded tips and the female-threaded holder make changing tips quick and simple.

The BP Nicking Chisel Set eliminates the need to use screwdrivers, cold chisels, files or other pieces of knife. The tips give a clean, precise and when held vertically a perpendicular nick. Also ideal for enlarging an existing nick, the Nicking Chisel Set is a must in every professional diemaker and diecutter’s tool box.

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