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Die Cutting, Embossing and Waste Stripping

Die Cutting, Embossing and Waste Stripping

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All our Kluge Platen Presses can be supplied as Die Cutting and Embossing options only; that is, without a foil system.  With the same rugged construction, solid steel side arms, and a cast iron bed and platen, the Kluge has unprecedented strength on impression and durability. 

Our Insignia machines are offered in 3 varying sizes and can be supplied as either single or dual magnetic machines.  There are two delivery systems available with the Insignia Die Cutters.  A Waste Stripping Unit will remove the skeleton and deliver individual cut pieces out onto a slow moving conveyor table, or a high capacity receding stacker designed to accept full cut sheets and stack them in a descending pile for removal later.

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