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Cold Foiling

Cold Foiling

Product Information

The Cold Foil application consist of applying a metallic layer on your printed substrate.

There are basically 2 steps:

  • STEP 1: Apply an adhesive to the substrate. This application can be done in register and according to a printing pattern using one of the printing units in the printing press.
  • STEP 2: Press together the Foil carrier and the substrate (with the printed adhesive). The Foil will be released from the carrier onto the substrate wherever the adhesive was printed.

In a sheetfed offset press, we use 2 printing towers to perform the cold foiling. One printing tower is used to apply the adhesive, it is just printed as a normal offset ink. The second printing tower is used to press the substrate and the foil carrier together. It is also very easy to switch from foiling to normal printing, you therefore keep all the flexibility of your press.

Our Partners

Eagle Systems is one of the pioneering manufacturers of Cold Foil Systems, and its’ Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System offers a unique in-line foiling solution for any offset printing press. The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system is a value-added finishing technique for cold foil applications and the add-on system can retrofit onto any new or existing sheet-fed offset press.

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