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Road Safety Tape Solutions

Straub Design Company

Together with our partners at Straub Design, we supply tape applicators for a number of road safety applications, including applying reflective tape to cones and barrels, as well as tap for marking the pavement.

Road marking

Straub Design saw the need for an applicator that is able to cover miles of highway quickly with little room for error and worked with its partners to design one. Straub Design’s Pavement Marking Systems provide an efficient method of applying 3M Stamark High Performance pavement marking tape to road surfaces. You will find more details about the different systems on their product pages.

Cones and barrels

As a high end engineering company with a focus on application of tape, Straub Design is able to design and engineer systems that no-one else are not able to and we are able to offer unique solutions to apply reflective tape to Cones and Barrels.

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