Partnership Announcement with Straub Design Company


Kluge International, part of AeTee Limited, is delighted to announce it’s agreement with Straub Design Company to become the United Kingdom and Ireland distributor for the Straub Design product range of Tape Applicators and Tape Application Systems.

Through a network of partners, Straub Design serves customers around the world, building standard-setting automatic tape application equipment and systems, web handling and custom industrial automation equipment. The company provides solutions to a variety of industries including printing, packaging, automotive, energy, food/beverage, medical, solar and traffic safety.

Straub Design was founded in 1972 by Melvin Straub, and enjoys many long standing connections to its customers that continue to this day, thanks to the company’s consistent ability to develop innovative solutions.

Paul Ebnet, CEO of Straub design is pleased to be part of this new cooperation for the UK and Irish markets and says “We had been looking for the best way to serve our customers in the UK and Ireland. Kluge International is the perfect choice for us since they already have an understanding of importing US equipment and have an established base and set-up in Gloucestershire, UK. For us, it is important not just to have a sales partner, but a partner who can provide support from sales to after-sales. Kluge International’s team can provide this for us.”

Initiated by Kluge’s recent sale of a Kluge OmniFold 3000 folding and gluing system to Packaids in Twyford, Berkshire, where a Straub Design T-627 tape applicator was installed, Kluge was looking for a tape solution that would complement their range of Print Finishing products. Thomas S. Andersen, MD of Kluge International, says “We have worked with Straub Design tape applicators in the past and since our latest installation in the UK is equipped with a Straub T-627 tape applicator, we took this opportunity to speak with Straub Design about a more formal agreement. We are extremely pleased that Straub Design has agreed to work with us and are very much looking forward to offering Straub Design products to our existing as well as new customers.”