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Platen Presses from Kluge

Kluge Foil Stamping, Embossing and Die-Cutting Presses

Lifetimes. With an s. That’s how long our foil stamping machines last.

We offer a wide range of Kluge foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing products, available at different price points and sizes to fit your company’s unique budget and needs. But each of our machines have at least three things in common:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • They last lifetimes.
  • They produce high-quality, well-built printed products that your customers (and their customers) can count on.

Our machines are multi-generational investments. We know you need a product that you can put on your floor and set in motion without a lot of fuss or extensive user training. You want to minimize maintenance and repair. And you want to guard against customer quality complaints, the likes of which you might have encountered when using substandard foil stampers or die-cutters in the past.

We understand those needs, and we’ve hand-crafted machines that meet each one of them.

Our Foil Stamping, Die-Cutting and Embossing Machines

Every Kluge foil stamping machine is designed to solve a problem for your business, meaning they are efficient, resilient, modern, and lend themselves to a wide variety of printed products.