PACKAIDS, based in Berkshire, UK, is the first company in the UK and Ireland to install the Kluge OmniFold 3000 – the new Folding & Gluing System from Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. This completely modular converting system can be configured to fulfil the current requirements of the commercial printer and packaging manufacturer whilst simultaneously providing the flexibility to easily add modules and give the system more capability to meet future demands. Built to maximise converting capabilities while minimising set-up time, the open framework of the Kluge OmniFold 3000 includes features that bring productivity and reliability to a whole new level.

The OmniFold 3000 installed at Packaids has an additional hot-melt system from HHS running 4 guns and a Straub T-627 Tape Applicator, each of which will match the speed and quality of the OmniFold.

Established in 1967, Packaids began life applying re-moist gum to flat sheets of paper supplied to them by printing firms across the UK. As the company evolved it began working with different types of adhesives such as latex, blister varnish and pva based glues. Converting those sheets soon became a necessity and a natural business transition, thus die cutting and folder and gluing were introduced.

Today, the company still applies gum and self-seal latex to millions of sheets each year, but also has a large die cutting and gluing division that makes up folders, wallets, sleeves, cartons, and any other products that require sticking together.

With increasing workloads, Packaids needed more gluing capacity, and a chance meeting at a trade show in October 2015, between Hank Brandtjen, President of Brandtjen & Kluge Inc. and Packaids’s Steve Hutton, led Packaids to the perfect machine to replace an aging folder/gluer. Matt Burgess, Director at Packaids says, “We had only vaguely heard of Kluge before that show but, having got to know them, we find their products and service second to none. Indeed, their OmniFold 3000 is so fast and easy to use it has allowed us to reduce our prices and that is already attracting new clients who hitherto hadn’t considered us for this type of work.”

Hank Brandtjen, President of Brandtjen & Kluge adds “This installation is very special to me. I was encouraged by Packaids honesty and willingness to work with us. We know the OmniFold 3000 will serve them well and it is an honour to have such an established and well respected company as a Kluge partner”.