JohnsByrne Adds Flexibility and Innovation with Eagle Systems Cold Foil

Looking to stay ahead of the trends, JohnsByrne invested in the Cold Foil system to ensure they can always be nimble, no matter the customer request.

NILES, IL – April 24, 2018 – Luxury packaging printer JohnsByrne has installed the Eagle Systems Cold Foil system to better serve their client base and increase their ability to innovate. Founded in 1959, the organization remains a family-owned operation, with founder, John B. Gustafson’s four sons: Corey, Jack, Mike and Pate, running the business as President, COO and Executive Vice Presidents, respectively.

“We are a very client-centric, customer-focused operation,” said Corey Gustafson. “We look at the marketplace, and look for ways to provide solutions to problems our customers are having, and new ways to enhance their current product lines. We try to be very proactive about getting in front of our clients’ needs and the available technology, and the Eagle Systems Cold Foil system proved to be a great compliment to our offering; it was the right fit, at the right time.”

He noted that while they have, and continue to offer, hot stamping technologies, there were some applications where that process wasn’t a perfect fit. They could find a way to get it done, but Cold Foil, said Corey Gustafson, “gives us a great deal of flexibility, now, and nuance to our offerings. We can provide different solutions to the same problem, to find the one that best suits the project, product and customer. It’s a different tool in our belt.”

One of the differences they have found is that the Eagle Systems Cold Foil lays down gradation that is not able to be produced with hot foil stamping. “We’re now able to produce halftone gradation similar to that in a printing process,” said Corey Gustafson. “Talk about solving problems. Also, when we don’t have to take that extra step of off-press stamping, we’re able to save a pass or process — we can run it once, and we’re done at press speeds of 15,000 impressions per hour. It’s innovative, and it saves time and money on those jobs.”

The Eagle Systems Cold Foil system is a module that can be installed on most lithographic offset presses. The foil is applied in-line as the job is being run, and can be done by changing a single plate on the press before the run starts, allowing shops the flexibility of printing as normal or printing with in-line foil as needed. Foil is applied using a two-step process, both done in-line
on the press. The first is to apply the adhesive to the substrate, using one of the printing units on the press, in register. Second, the foil carrier and substrate are pressed together, and where there is adhesive, the foil will release onto the substrate.

“I’ve seen a rise in cold foil in recent years,” said Mike King, President, Eagle Systems. “The applications are limited only to the printers’ imagination, and for JohnsByrne in particular, I am excited to see where they take it. It offers them a new, innovative option they can bring to their high-end customers, and gives them the ability to say ‘yes’ to more projects, with less time and money required to make it happen. We are excited to work with them, and we are looking forward to watching where they take this technology well into the future.”

About Eagle Systems
For more than 25 years, Eagle Systems has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of foil application and print enhancement equipment. With hundreds of installations around the world, the Eagle Systems brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and state of the art innovation. Since founding the company, Mike King, CEO/President and inventor of all Eagle Systems products, has specialized in the use of foil in printing. Once again Mike has demonstrated his dominance in this arena since the company first rolled out a new line of foil systems – the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil and the Eco-Eagle Cast and Cure systems. These systems are in a class of their own. Completely manufactured, assembled and tested at their new plant in Ocean New Jersey, the Eco-Eagle systems are installed and in production within five days. Using advanced technology and the power of the internet, the highly automated Eco-Eagle Systems reduce foil costs, run smoothly and foil dust free without operator intervention. For more information about Eagle Systems products, go to

About JohnsByrne
Founded in 1959, with nearly 60 years of expertise, JohnsByrne Company is a custom packaging and print solutions provider catering to major brands in health & beauty, consumer products and entertainment. With a culture built around innovation, quality, design and speed, their offerings span folding cartons, luxury packaging, specialty packaging and high impact direct mail. Visit to learn more.