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Insignia X3

Product Description

The Insignia is a sheet-fed, rotary, flexo style magnetic die cutter designed for true production-driven operation at an affordable price point.

The Insigne machines comes standard with a build-in high capacity feeder capable of accepting up to 910mm of stock in one load. Utilizing a true guide and gripper register system, Insignia can feed, register and cut material ranging from around 60 gsm up to around 450 gsm.

The press comes in 4 different models and sizes.

Insignia machines weigh between 3,000 – 5,500lbs depending on size of machine (die cutting section only). The machines are built with 1.5-2.5″ (38-64mm) thick solid side-frames to house the cylinder section and support the cutting station.

When die cutting materials of density, tremendous forces are required to withstand the pressures needed to die cut all the way through the substrate. This is why the Insignia machines are capable of applying up to 3,000lbs of downward force directly to the cutting station to ensure the flexible dies can cut through whatever it is being asked to do. 

The Insignia machines are built 100% in the USA using American sourced components. 

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