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World’s Best Folder Gluer Machines.

Performance. Speed. Ease of Use. Durability. Profit.

These are the things you need in a folder-gluer, and at Kluge, we offer several models — each in a variety of configurations — that are designed to improve the quality of your print product and maximize efficiency on your printing floor. (See a comparison chart here)

Our Folder-Gluer Machines

Kluge’s folding carton gluing machines empower you to produce precise, high-quality, sophisticated cartons and printed products, just the way you want them.

With our folder-gluers, set-up and production are easy and intuitive, with incredibly short make-ready times that lead the industry.

But whereas some products trade quality for efficiency, Kluge’s machines turn out products that look great to your eye and feel first-class in your hand.

In essence, our machines combine the user-friendliness you need for your workforce with the product integrity you want for your customers and end-of-line consumers.

Built by Experts

Kluge folder-gluers are carefully finished one at a time, each by an individual craftsman. Each person who works on a Kluge machine is effectively an expert in folder-gluer technology. Our professionals know how every part should fit, and they make sure they do fit before they leave our floor for yours.

Unlike some other manufacturers, we individually assemble each Kluge product from parts we have machined in-house, using our own state-of-the-art equipment.

Part of the Kluge brand is a commitment to product inspections for adherence to our industry-highest quality standards. Every folder-gluer is checked, re-checked, and tested endlessly in all its configurations before being crated and shipped. We provide extensive support for all our products so when we promise an easy set-up and user-friendly operation, it’s a promise you can count on.

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