Eagle Systems install the largest Cold Foil Module in the Americas

Eagle Systems’ Cold Foil Installed at Utah PaperBox Marks a Significant Milestone in Cold Foil Implementation

SALT LAKE CITY – April 11, 2018 — Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, today announced that Eagle has installed their cold foil system at the production facility of Utah PaperBox (UPB)in Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon the installation, Eagle’s President and CEO Mike King declared that the UPB now has the “Largest Cold Foiler in the Americas”. The sentiment is a testament to both Utah PaperBox’s dedication to the technology and their flourishing impact as a packaging leader.

Founded in 1914, Utah PaperBox (UPB) is a fourth-generation family business that has consistently embraced technological innovation, a pinnacle worker

Utah PaperBox CEO Steve Keyser (L) with Chairman Paul Keyser (3rd and 4th generation owners of the 104 years old packaging leader) recently installed Eagle System’s Cold Foil solution.

-friendly culture, and corporate strategies that ensure client and market needs are always at the forefront. After more than a century of success later, UPB has established themselves as one of the recognized top-five most diverse packing houses on the continent, capable of delivering services most others can’t. Yet it’s their refusal to rest on their laurels that brought them to PRINT 2017 last fall and into the Eagle Systems booth to purchase the company’s most-advanced cold-foil model, right off the floor.

“We first heard of Eagle Systems the year before at PRINT UV 2016 in Vegas, and quickly became impressed. A few discussions and demos later, we were convinced their offering was superior to anything else out there,” notes UPB CEO Steve Keyser. “Installed in February, we’ve quickly realized a near-immediate impact on our core business. Though we’ve been offering cold-foiled capabilities since 2015 [UPB was the first to run cold foil on a 56” press]. With Eagle now in-house, we’ve experienced unmatched quality and flexibility, and have benefitted from drastically reduced lead times.” UPB currently offers both cold and hot foil to meet the diverse customers’ needs, while adding value to their packaging projects.

Superior quality and capabilities is what clients have come to expect from UPB since the Keyser family took control in 1922. “It’s nothing new for us. We tend to attract the most complicated projects. Once we deliver on those, clients just know what to expect from us and most never leave. One example is local candy giant Sweet Candy Company, who first walked in our doors the year we opened and have been loyal customers ever since. But we don’t take them for granted. If there was a better service out there, they would jump. That’s why we constantly demand better of ourselves and our partners.

“Cold Foil is that ‘better’ we were seeking, and Eagle Systems is that partner that companies like ours come to depend upon. Cold Foil is a disrupting technology because speed-to-market is everything. Eagle’s flexibility and quality make every project standout. Eagle Systems’ machine and process is the most cost effective way to do cold foil. Clients noticed right away. We

Utah PaperBox CEO Steve Keyser and Eagle CEO Mike King with New Eagle Cold Foil System

’ve already got many of our customers using cold foil and it’s quickly becoming a major sales tool. From a marketing vantage point, it’s visibly working. We’re further cementing our leadership position.”

Currently the Eagle Cold Foil System sits atop of a manroland 7-color press with an inline 909 UV double coater. “And it’s been amazing how the word spreads. Cold Foiling is quickly emerging in our market as a radical, yet popular choice for both traditional packaging and corporate clients alike, especially as a spot color within the seven-color process. We’re so pleased with Eagle Systems and their president Mike King, that they will probably have a critical influence on the next press that comes into this operation.”

News Alert: Utah PaperBox will be conducting an Open house on Thursday, April 26th at their Utah facility offices (920 South West, Salt Lake City). The purpose of the event is to further promote the company’s production capabilities and new technological advances. Industry media and interested parties are encouraged to RSVP by contacting Mike Salazar at 801-363-0093.


About Utah PaperBox Utah PaperBox traces their roots to 1914, when the company was known as Union Label. Purchased in 1922 by George Keyser and renamed Utah PaperBox, the firm’s primary focus for the next five decades was the rigid box business. In the 1970’s, the market emphasis shifted to folding cartons. They have since also added offset printing and platen die cutting to their capabilities. Although rigid box production remains an important business component, UPB grew substantially in Folding Cartons. In the 1990’s, folding cartons accounted for 85% of the company’s business. To celebrate the new millennium, they’ve entered into Litho-Laminating, considerably expanding packaging options for our customers. In the last decade, the company has seen many additions to their facilities and services, including plastic boxes, cold foil and digital printing. www.upbslc.com

About Eagle Systems For more than 35 years, Eagle Systems has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of foil application and print enhancement equipment such as Hot Foil stamping, Cold Foiling and Cast and Cure. With hundreds of installations around the world, the Eagle Systems brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and state of the art innovation. Completely manufactured, assembled and tested at their plant in Ocean New Jersey, the Eco-Eagle systems are installed and in production within five days. Using advanced technology and the power of the internet, the highly automated Eco-Eagle Systems reduce foil costs, run smoothly and foil dust free without operator intervention. For more information about Eagle Systems products, go to www.thefoilexperts.com.