Eagle Foil Cure 100% Eco Friendly / Totally Recyclable

Eagle Systems

FoilCure replaces Metpoly/laminated boards. Eagle are now hitting gloss levels of 650 which is more than hot foil and some Metpol products. The FoilCure process was originally developed for the IML world and has been running in this market daily for 4 years now, (since 2018). Another first by Eagle System the Foil Experts. Eagle originally developed this product for Koenig & Bauer to jointly win a contract with a very large label maker. Yes we won the contract! ! Since 2018, Eagle has never stopped bringing this process forward. Our 2021 Calendar was produced at TPC Packaging using the Cold Foil process, a truly great partner. PrintUV is around the corner, please come to see what The Foil Experts can do for you. Lots of great folks wanting to network and learn.

Watch the full story here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/michael-b-king-584a9b1b_tpcpackaging-thefoilexperts-wherethemagichappens-activity-6898643505904726016-zUjG