Cold Foil is 100% repulpable & recyclable

Eagle Systems

Eagle Systems proud to announce Cold Foil is 100% repulpable & recyclable following tests carried out by Western Michigan University, USA

At a time when environmental concerns and consumer preferences are driving the use of more sustainable packaging, Eagle Systems is delighted to announce that COLD FOIL is 100% Repulpable and Recyclable.

Mike King, President & CEO of Eagle Systems, fully funded the tests carried out by Western Michigan University (WMU) with the process being performed at Mclean Packaging of New Jersey who’ve had 3 installations of Eagle’s Cold Foil Modules.

Mike King says of the outcome  “the most important to me is that we used a very thin stock to do these tests, which is widely used in our industry and we passed with flying colors.  By using a stock so thin, anything thicker can only do better.  This was done with 100% full coverage cold foil on 28” x 40” 80# litho stock”.   King continues, “I am not surprised by the results of the WMU testing, because the simple math of the volume of aluminium is far less than the volume of paper”.

This announcement is another feather in the Eagle Systems’ cap, adding to the Cold Foil experts’ impressive list of user benefits, including ease of operation, trouble free running, and higher productivity for their Eagle partners.

For more information on Eagle Systems Cold Foil applications, or to obtain a copy of the WMU test results, please contact Eagle Europe on +44 (0)1453 835857