In general – some bits ok – others not so. I can drop off all the media on an sd card if you want to have a look through. These are rough edits and we can add splash screens/titles/transitions – maybe more detail on each process. Fully modular card packing solutions. Of course this could be done with some 3d modelling to create the impression too of the elements coming together – could look really good. The real footage does need to be set up properly to get the best impression.

I could create very simple 3d models of each module and we could put them all together.

This is the first machine – not great clips of the final packer bit with the conveyor a 90˚

Faster, bigger machine – we do have some flickering (can edit maybe) and 2 view points here.

This is a fully featured animation we have done recently to show you what’s possible, but not exactly what you need of course.