Foil Stamping, Embossing & Die Cutting

The importance of adding value to any print project is becoming increasingly acknowledged and it is the post-press process where adding value to a product can truly begin in earnest. More and more print customers want their products to really “pop” and nothing pops quite like foil.

Similarly, quality embossing can immediately raise the standard of a product and transform the simplest of products into works of art. As well as the aesthetic, tactile and elegant appeal of good quality embossing, its functional purpose (for example Braille) gives it a unique and wide range of applications and uses.

Kluge’s foil stamping, embossing and die cutting platen presses are unmatched in their ability to deliver consistency in quality, every time. The creativity and versatility possible on a Kluge platen press is limitless.

ApexFoil - Platen Size 356x559mm
Kluge EHG - Platen Size 559x762mm
Kluge EHF - Platen Size 356x559mm
Kluge EHD - Platen Size 356x559mm
NSF Elite
NSF Excel
NSF Ultra