Insignia 6

The Insignia Rotary die-cutting machines from AeTee create a distinct space in the print finishing market for sheet-fed, short-run label, packaging and mail applications. These flexo-magnetic rotary die cutters are set apart by their short, medium or long run capacity. Changeover on these machines is measured in just minutes. With run speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour and ease of operation, the Insignia will open endless revenue streams for your business, at a surprisingly affordable price!

The Insignia presses come standard with built-in high capacity feeder, capable of accepting up to 36" (91cm) of stock in one load.

Utilizing a true guide and gripper system, the Insignia can feed, register and die cut material ranging from 0.004" (approximately 60 gms) up to 0.026" (approximately 430gsm).

The Insignia 6 will run sheets up to a size of 20"x20" (51x51xcm)

Insignia 6 can be offered as either a single or a dual magnetic cylinder press.

There are 2 delivery options available with an Insignia Die Cutter. A waste stripping unit will remove skeleton and delivery individual cut pieces onto a slow moving conveyor or a high capacity receding stacker designed to accept full cut sheets and stack them in a descending stack for removal later.