OmniFold Folder Gluer

Building on the reputation of the Kluge UniFold, the OmniFold offers the user greater converting capability in combination with improved user-friendly features. These will maximize converting capabilities while minimizing set-up time. Capable of handling a 30″ wide sheet (x 32″ in length), the OmniFold is available with right and left hand side sheet registration, a combination angled or vertical buckle fold unit, flip gate and tab blast. Between the feed section and the combination buckle fold unit, the machine offers 6′ of converting area (with additional 3′, 6′ or 9′ options). Segmented converting tables, encoder based controls and simplified electronics make the OmniFold easier to set up, operate and maintain. Like the Kluge UniFold, the OmniFold is modular in construction, allowing the owner to expand their folder gluer capabilities as needed. Drop-in scoring kit, fold hooks (for auto-lock boxes), tabbing, tipping, onserting and taping units and many more features can be added to increase service offerings to your customers.

Left and Right (optional) Registration - KLUGE EXCLUSIVE


  • Decrease make-ready time
  • Marble drive
  • Increase converting capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Micro adjustable

EXCLUSIVE KLUGE FEATURE – With integrated left and right (optional) registration the use of the Bump-90 becomes a simple and easy setup. Re-aligning after the
90 degree turn is made simple by simply dropping in the side guide and marble bar, then skew the belt left or right to guide the sheet. This is a huge time saving feature when converting 3 side reinforced folders or folders with a vertical and horizontal pocket in one pass.

The Kluge registration feature uses a marble drive with steel balls and skewed belt to direct the stock against the left or register guide. A combination of lightweight and/or fewer balls are used to accommodate various weights of stock. For example, lighter balls are needed for pharmaceutical paper bag products than those needed for 12pt pocket folder applications.

Synchronous Belt Drives - Requires little to no maintenance


  • Low maintenance
  • Universally preferred
  • Outline
    The entire system is belt driven with easy to access belt tensors.
    This drive system offers little to no maintenance vs. competing chain driven systems or undersized belt driven systems. They are universally preferred on Kluge folder gluer style systems.

    Guards and safety features have been removed for illustrative purposes. Kluge products should never be operated without all proper guards fully functioning and in place.

Bearing bed Drives - Better sheet control/faster make-readies


  • Decrease make-ready time
  • Increase sheet control
  • Simple maintenance

By eliminating the friction between drive belts and table, we can use longer Top Belt Drives of 18″, 33″ and 36″ lengths for fast make-readies and better sheet control. The Bearing Beds easily lift out of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

2″ Welded Steel Frame – Stronger than “bolted” frames
Hot, Cold and Fugitive Glue Systems - Various models available


  • High speed hot,cold and fugitive gluing
  • Compact, less obstructive and safe design
  • Accurate dot placement
  • Manufactured and serviced in the US

Kluge folder gluers can be configured with several different types of glue systems for hot melt gluing, cold glue or fugitive gluing. Depending on your application and control module, several glue heads can be used simultaneously which include a range of melt or stainless steel tanks.

Gluing systems supplied with Kluge folder gluers have several advantages over competitor models. As well as capable of almost 3x the speed per second of comparable systems, the design of the glue system is extremely compact. Both the glue applicator heads and hoses are less obstructive by combining wiring with hose insulation and reducing the amount of cabling to position and secure during make-ready.

A supply cart is available for glue systems supplied with our equipment (supplied as standard with some packages). The cart adds convenience and mobility to your folder gluer. By allowing the system to be relocated to another part of the machine, alternate positioning of the glue heads can be made with little effort.

Contact Kluge directly for specific information about the range of glue systems available.

3/4 inch Side Frames

Kluge folder gluers are constructed with 3/4″ steel side frames throughout the main components of the machine. These make up the structure and strength of the unit, while also providing housing for the self-aligning high precision sealed drive bearings. The sealed bearings enable the smooth transition of the product between sectionsRunning perpendicular to the 3/4″ side frames are line gauges with measurements in 1/16″ increments. These gauges allow for quick and accurate alignment during make-ready.

CE Compliance Package
Friction Feeder - Allows for faster and continuous feeding of stock


  • Continuous feeding
  • Portable, interchangeable design

The Kluge Friction Feeder was designed to continuously feed stocks that otherwise are difficult or impossible to feed with a Vacuum Feed Unit. The Friction Feeder is portable and is designed to be easily removed when the Vacuum Feed Unit is a better choice to feed a specific stock.

Vacuum Feeder - Feeds stock through a vacuum system


  • Multiple sheet director
  • Vacuum Manifold position adjustment
  • Duel vacuum wheels
  • Gapper
  • Hand Wheel
  • Rear air sheet separator air blast
  • Pile height bracket
  • Duel blow pipes

The Kluge vacuum pile feeder is equipped with a rack-and-pinion drive elevator and laminated feed table. Electronic pile height adjustment and a double sheet detector provide effective control for a variety of products. An air blast bar with dual independent adjustment combined with a double row vacuum wheel mounted on a 7/8″ shaft assures controlled feeding on a wide variety of stocks and formats. Independent bottom sheet supports add to the ComFold’s positive sheet control. A gap control module provides precise control of spacing between sheets; a tab blast module is also included. The converting station is equipped with four 2-1/2″ belts and a top drive wheel system. Fourteen inch long electro-less, nickel-plated tab turning plows assure consistent fold quality. An independent vacuum pump and self-contained blower are provided as standard equipment.

Rack and Pinion Elevator Drive – Smooth, low maintenance
Vacuum Feeder Hand Wheel - Advance or reverse stock manually


  • Reduce setup time
  • Minimize waste

With the vacuum feeder hand wheel, users are able to advance or reverse stock manually from the vacuum feeder unit to the converting section or visa versa. Convenient and precise job setups are achieved this way, as stock can be tested and troubleshooted before running larger quantities through the machine.

Electronic Multi-Sheet Detector (MSD) - Reduces downtime from jams

In the past Kluge folder gluers have been shipped with a Mechanical Multi-Sheet Detector. Although this was a beneficial feature for detecting multi-fed sheets, the configuration was somewhat cumbersome and could not be applied to smaller jobs. To eliminate these shortcomings and utilize technological advances, Kluge has introduced the Electronic Multi-Sheet Detector (MSD) to its newest folder gluer, the OmniFold.How Does it Work?The MSD is simple to set up and use. A pair of sensors mounted to a crossbar at the in-feed area scans every sheet that passes between them. These sensors are wired to a control module that can be set to shut the machine off when more than one sheet tries to pass through it. By stopping the machine when multiple sheets are detected, waste and damaged stock is reduced providing larger quantities of usable product while reducing downtime caused by jams.Samples of stock are used to set the sensors precisely for the job that will be run on the machine.

What Does it Look Like?
While compact in design, and taking up minimal space on the machine, the New MSD replaces the complex setup associated with the mechanical detector with low profile compact sensors. Easy-to-operate push-button controls are mounted to the vacuum feeder structure and include an LCD display for setting verification.Currently the MSD is available as a standard feature for OmniFold folder gluers. Plans are in the works to incorporate this into the design of the UniFold.Ask us today how the New Electronic Multi-Sheet Detector can reduce waste and damaged stock during production on the OmniFold folder gluer.

Segmented In-feed Table - Versatility for make-readies/maintenance


  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduce clean up time
  • Outline
    The segmented table makes Kluge folder gluers more versatile for folding, gluing and converting jobs. The new table design utilizes 2 inch wide segments joined together along the entire table length. These can be removed or replaced as required, to accommodate a wide range of jobs. By removing appropriate segments, the segmented table enables the user to set up a job that will utilize, the tab blaster, air gate, fold hooks and glue system at any area along the table. Clean up time can be reduced by removing segments that would otherwise be dirtied by excess glue, allowing glue waste to be deposited away from the machinery.

    Available for UniFold (optional) and OmniFold (standard), the segmented table is a valuable component when maximum flexibility is required for converting projects with your Kluge automatic folder gluer.

Electrical Controls – Operate the start, stop, jog and speed controls
High-end 4 or 8 Channel Controller – Operate a variety of devices
3ft, 6ft and 9ft (IL-3, IL-6 & IL-9) - Extends converting length


  • Increased converting length for more complex jobs
  • Easy set up and simple adjustment
  • Accomodates up to 36′ top belt drives

The 9ft inline section, or the IL-9 provides the base unit to which many accessories can be fixed. Included with the IL-9 are filler plates, bearing bed drives, tab turn plows, 18 & 33 inch top belt drives and a tab blaster. IL-3 (3ft) and IL-6 (6ft) models are also available.

Airgate Folding Kit - Creates cross folds on thick stocks


  • Creates cross folds
  • Converts thick stocks
  • Two placement options

Like the bucklefolder, the airgate folding kit creates cross folds. However, this feature does not use rollers to convert your product. Instead the airgate uses an air blast from below the machine to push the stock upwards at the correct point in the converting process. The Airgate is used to fold thick stocks or to create cross folds in addition to the bucklefolder, giving a machine greater converting capabilities.

The airgate folding kit can be mounted at the transtable mid-section or onto the bucklefolder section dependant on job requirements.

Filler plates – 6″ filler plates provide a base for stock to run along
Bump 90 - Rotates stock 90 degrees for folding and gluing


  • Increase converting capabilities
  • Positions stock accurately for taping, gluing and plow folding

The Bump 90 attachment rotates the sheet 90 degrees inline, providing accurate alignment for plow folding, taping and two directional gluing.

6.5 inch, 18 inch, 33 inch & 36 inch Top Belt Drives - Delivers continuous drive/ pressure


  • 1/8′ thick belt
  • Sealed bearings

Delivers continuous drive and pressure to products. The continuous drive aspect improves sheet control to all products that require plow, airgate or flipgate folding. Utilizes 1/8″ thick belt with skew adjustment for fine tuning sheet alignment. The Top Belt Drives have independently spring loaded pressure wheels to maintain even and firm pressure with sealed bearings throughout.

Fold Hook Kit - Convert various lock bottom boxes inline


  • Create crossfolds
  • Convert auto-lock bottom boxes

In keeping with our reputation for highly versatile equipment, we have manufactured a fold hook kit for our automatic folder gluers. The optional feature enables users to convert auto-lock bottom boxes and comparable products inline, and at speeds of up to 5,000 + pieces per hour.

Examples of applications that will utilize this feature include pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other specialty packaging products.

Flip Gate - Creates cross-folds


  • Create cross-folds
  • High operating speeds
  • Outline
    The flip gate module can be used similarly to the bucklefolder to convert presentation folder pockets on light stocks. Includes flipper gate rotary-actuated cross fold.

Narrow Reinforced Folding Sword Attachment – Glue closer to score
7″ Plows – Plow folds small partitions. Required for pre-breaking
Cross Carrier - Saves space by redirecting stock 90 degrees


  • Convenient footprint to better utilize shop floor space
  • Registration with included register guides
  • Outline
    The cross carrier is a corner unit that receives sheets from the in-line section and redirects them a full 90 degrees to the next module of the production line. Included with this unit are plated cross-carrier rollers and register guides with marble holder and micro-adjustment.

Self Contained Control – For offline transtables and final folds
Accordion Fold Kit - Converting accordion folders and similar products


  • Create multiple-sizes of accordion folds
  • Increased converting capabilities

Increase the range of production formats that you can run on your folder gluer with the accordion fold kit. Consisting of various plows and folding swords, the accordion kit is capable of converting various sizes of 3-score gusset (or accordion) folds. Both 1/4″ and 3/8″ sized folds have been produced using the Kluge accordion fold kit. The most popular application for this type of fold is expandable file folders.

Note: The video here demonstrates the process of accordion folding and is not shown at production speed.

Friction-fed Inserter - For inserting/onserting products like CDs


  • CD, booklet, digipack inserting and similar products
  • Onserting
  • Tipping

Also known as the ‘Pick and Place Unit’, the optional Inserter for Kluge folder gluers allow for placement of an item inline with folding and gluing. In this demonstration a friction-fed tipping unit is mounted to our ComFold folder gluer to onsert CD media onto a flat single pocket CD sleeve. The sleeve is then folded and glued around the CD using hot melt glue and our flip gate feature.

Automatic Tape Head - Applies self adhesive & reinforcement tapes


  • High speed automatic seal placement
  • CD wallet seals, envelope seal applications etc.

Applying self-adhesive transfer tape or reinforcement tape in-line is easy with the automatic tape head. The tape head can be attached to the converting station in the feeding section or either converting station on the TransTable Unit. The tape head is designed to operate with the standard control module.

Scoring Kit - Score-N-Convert inline. Perforating rollers available


  • Score incline
  • Perforate inline
  • Multiple placements
  • “Drop-in” technology

By eliminating the diecutting and scoring process on an offline machine, you can save significant time and expense by scoring or perforating Score-N-Convertinline with the new Kluge Scoring feature. This new component can be “dropped” into place at up to three locations along the length of the machine. Note: As a standard feature of the OmniFold and ComFold folder gluers, registration can be achieved at each of these three points with the marble drive. The first and second mounting positions are at two places on the converting station ( IL-9 unit). Here, the Scoring feature utilizes existing hole locations for simple set up and to eliminate the manufacturing costs associated with a separate mounting bracket. The third mounting point (not available for the ComFold) is at the angled bucklefold location, where the buckle plate rail is used. In comparison to this quick and simple “drop-in” method, alternative scoring devices currently on the market feature a completely separate unit. Here the Scoring feature has to be rolled into place at the either feeder end of the machine or mid-stream. This results in a cumbersome and inconsistent-placement set up process.

With the Kluge Scoring feature you can be sure of consistent, quick set up of the device every time!

A total of three Scoring drop-ins can be used simultaneously for multiple scoring or perforating options. An application that utilizes multiple score up closescoring is a four-sided reinforced book cover. Here the two reinforced fold tabs on left and right edges of the cover are scored, glued and then folded inline at the bucklefolder location. After a Bump90 (90 degree rotation of the sheet and re-registration) the process is repeated on the top and bottom edges of the piece at the IL-9 position. Finally the book cover is delivered complete on the stacker unit.

Other examples of production formats that can utilize the Scoring drop-in feature are: perforated “tear off” tabs; greeting cards; mailing products; medical folders and other products of multiple stock thickness.

Vacuum Belt Drives - Move products without top wheels or top belts

Kluge Vacuum Belt Drives Drive your product without the need for top drive wheels or belts.OutlineVacuum belt drivesVacuum Belt Drives make it possible to drive a product when no top drive wheels or belts can be positioned. Easy like a Bearing Bed Drive, Kluge Vacuum Belt Drives are inter-changeable with our Bearing Bed Drives. Click here to view video of Kluge Vacuum Belt Drives.Contact our sales department for more information at 1-800-826-7320 or 1-715-483-3265 or email

Buckle Fold Combo Setup - Multiple buckle folder configuration


  • Multiple up fold capabilities
  • Easy to install

Kluge’s patented vertical bucklefolder can fold stocks ranging from 8pt to 24pt without causing crows feet, a persistent problem for many trade finishers. For lighter stocks there is a angled bucklefold plate position for greater speeds.

Additional bucklefold plates may be added to the configuration for achieving multiple up folds as needed. Both the angled and vertical bucklefolder are identical in design. They utilize universal mounting brackets for easy placement at multiple positions throughout the machine.

Incline Drive - Returns sheet to entry height after bucklefold


  • Increase bucklefold capabilities
  • Simple adjustment

The incline drive can be positioned in angled or horizontal positions to return sheet to entry height after a buckle fold. The feature comprises of gas springs, four 2.5″ wide belts, deflector chute and intermediate drive wheels.

Capacity Folder Unit – Fold and glue capacity (or box pocket) folders
Final Fold – Used to spine fold various pocket folders
Final Fold II - Improved design for spine folding on thicker stocks


  • Fold thicker stocks
  • Increase production speeds on thick stocks

The Kluge Final Fold Unit was designed with a sturdy 2″x 2″ welded tubular steel frame to provide a stable and long lasting unit. The frame serves as the base for a unit that will outperform our previous design by folding thicker stocks thanks to our new center drive belt design.

The center drive belt design helps drive thick stock through points in the saddle where sheets have a slight tendency to stall while increasing production speeds on thick stocks. The new center drive belt also helps reduce scuffing by keeping the stock moving at the same speed as the fold belts throughout the entire folding process.

The new design does not change the quick and easy make-ready feature of the original Kluge Final Fold Unit, providing the fastest set-up of any finishing section in the industry.

Tabbing System - Applies tabs to seal the product (e.g. a mailer)

Inline tabbing (or wafer sealing) seamlessly integrates with Kluge’s modular-constructed automatic folder gluer product line.
The key application for the inline tabbing system from Kluge is for sealing shut products such as mailers, CD/DVD wallets and brochures. As with all finishing products, production speed varies depending on the specific application, however this tabbing system is rated at a speed of up to 30,000 pph and can accommodate labels up to 3″ wide.Good newsThe tabbing system easily integrates with Kluge folder gluers. The portable unit can be rolled into place directly after the IL-6 or IL-9 units, prior to delivery on the stacker. The versatility of Kluge folder gluers enables the tabbing system to be compatible with both the OmniFold and ComFold automatic folder gluers, and further broadens the applications that can be converted on our machines.

Eliminate the guess work
The tabbing system couldn’t be easier to operate with the built in control panel. Simply enter the length of your product, number of tabs, type of tabs and sit back. The tabbing system automatically sets the label pitch, backer sensitivity and label placement.Kluge introduced the tabbing system at the Drupa tradeshow earlier this year where it tabbed a CD mailer application at 7,000 pph. See above to watch our video of the system in action as we set up and configured the machine prior to the show.Contact us today with any questions or comments on our complete line of print finishing equipment.

Stacker Unit - Compresses, counts & batches finished product


  • Electronic batch counter
  • Electronic totalizing counter
  • Rack-and-pinion drive

Stacking and batching is made easy with the Kluge Stacker Unit. An electronic batch counter controls the belt drive providing consistent batching. An electronic totalizing counter keeps track of total production. The stacker height is easily adjusted by a rack-and-pinion drive.

UniFold vs. OmniFold