OmniFold 3000

The Kluge OmniFold 3000 Automatic Folding and Gluing System is a fully modular converting system designed to fulfill today’s need and grow with future demands of the commercial printer and packaging manufacturer.

Built to maximize converting capabilities while minimizing set-up time, the OmniFold includes features that bring productivity and reliability to a new level of expectation. These advancements are met with the quality you expect from Brandtjen & Kluge.

Control Console and Docking Station - Includes touchscreen controls and Multi-Sheet Detector (MSD)

In the past Kluge folder gluers have been shipped with a Mechanical Multi-Sheet Detector. Although this was a beneficial feature for detecting multi-fed sheets, the configuration was somewhat cumbersome and could not be applied to smaller jobs. To eliminate these shortcomings and utilize technological advances, Kluge has introduced the Electronic Multi-Sheet Detector (MSD) to its newest folder gluer, the OmniFold.

How Does it Work?
The MSD is simple to set up and use. A pair of sensors mounted to a crossbar at the in-feed area scans every sheet that passes between them. These sensors are wired to a control module that can be set to shut the machine off when more than one sheet tries to pass through it. By stopping the machine when multiple sheets are detected, waste and damaged stock is reduced providing larger quantities of usable product while reducing downtime caused by jams.Samples of stock are used to set the sensors precisely for the job that will be run on the machine.

What Does it Look Like?
While compact in design, and taking up minimal space on the machine, the New MSD replaces the complex setup associated with the mechanical detector with low profile compact sensors. Easy-to-operate push-button controls are mounted to the vacuum feeder structure and include an LCD display for setting verification.Currently the MSD is available as a standard feature for OmniFold folder gluers. Plans are in the works to incorporate this into the design of the UniFold. Ask us today how the New Electronic Multi-Sheet Detector can reduce waste and damaged stock during production on the OmniFold folder gluer.

Modular Vacuum Feeder and Modular Friction Feeder - Mobile modules allow you to quickly change between vacuum and friction feeding. Self aligning feature minimizes changeover time.


  • Continuous feeding
  • Portable, interchangeable design

The Kluge Friction Feeder was designed to continuously feed stocks that otherwise are difficult or impossible to feed with a Vacuum Feed Unit. The Friction Feeder is portable and is designed to be easily removed when the Vacuum Feed Unit is a better choice to feed a specific stock.

Left (standard) and Right (optional) Registration – EXCLUSIVE FEATURE saves time and expands converting capabilities.


  • Decrease make-ready time
  • Marble drive
  • Increase converting capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Micro adjustable

EXCLUSIVE KLUGE FEATURE – With integrated left and right (optional) registration the use of the Bump-90 becomes a simple and easy setup. Re-aligning after the
90 degree turn is made simple by simply dropping in the side guide and marble bar, then skew the belt left or right to guide the sheet. This is a huge time saving feature when converting 3 side reinforced folders or folders with a vertical and horizontal pocket in one pass.

The Kluge registration feature uses a marble drive with steel balls and skewed belt to direct the stock against the left or register guide. A combination of lightweight and/or fewer balls are used to accommodate various weights of stock. For example, lighter balls are needed for pharmaceutical paper bag products than those needed for 12pt pocket folder applications.

3ft (IL-3), 6ft (IL-6) & 9ft (IL-9) Inline Unites - Add converting length with interchangeable units.


  • Increased converting length for more complex jobs
  • Easy set up and simple adjustment
  • Accomodates up to 36″ top belt drives

The 9ft inline section, or the IL-9 provides the base unit to which many accessories can be fixed. Included with the IL-9 are filler plates, bearing bed drives, tab turn plows, 18 & 33 inch top belt drives and a tab blaster. IL-3 (3ft) and IL-6 (6ft) models are also available.

Bottom Bearing Bed Transports - Provides product control.


  • Decrease make-ready time
  • Increase sheet control
  • Simple maintenance

By eliminating the friction between drive belts and table, we can use longer Top Belt Drives of 18″, 33″ and 36″ lengths for fast make-readies and better sheet control. The Bearing Beds easily lift out of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

Flipgate - Provides a rotary-actuated cross fold.


  • Create cross-folds
  • High operating speeds

The flip gate module can be used similarly to the bucklefolder to convert presentation folder pockets on light stocks. Includes flipper gate rotary-actuated cross fold.

Synchronous Belt Drives - Require minimal maintenance.


  • Low maintenance
  • Universally preferred

The entire system is belt driven with easy to access belt tensors.
This drive system offers little to no maintenance vs. competing chain driven systems or undersized belt driven systems. They are universally preferred on Kluge folder gluer style systems.

Guards and safety features have been removed for illustrative purposes. Kluge products should never be operated without all proper guards fully functioning and in place.

PATENTED Dual-Angle Buckle Folder - Produce faster, quality crossfolds on both heavy and lightweight stock.


  • Eliminates creasing on thick stocks
  • Reduces waste

The Kluge Vertical Buckle Folder is a patented design that prevents crows feet on thick stocks by maintaining a sheet path that does not force a sheet around a small diameter fold roller.

Thick stocks are not flexible enough to bend and follow the surface of small diameter fold rollers. As a result, the sheet forms small creases where it was not able to form itself to the surface of the standard fold roller. This creasing is very visible on the finished product and many times will be unacceptable to a customer.

Customarily, stocks prone to crows-feet wrinkles were produced with the Kluge Airgate Module. Using the Airgate Module is a very effective way to avoid crows feet, but you are sacrificing production speed.

The Kluge Vertical Buckle Fold Unit offers a production solution that eliminates crows feet while maintaining maximum operating speeds.

Kluge has engineered a guarding addition to the vertical buckle fold plate feature for increased all round safety. This guarding system can be easily retrofitted (added) to existing folder/gluers.

The guarding system features include: Spring-lift assisting hinged frame that can be opened, providing the user with easy access to critical adjustment points for buckle folding; constructed from perforated sheet metal enabling a clear view of the buckle folder and production at all times; interlocking connections to main unit ensuring safety.

The vertical buckle folder guarding ensures all round safety when setting up and operating the unit.

Special Feature!
A combination bucklefolder configuration is available for increased converting capabilities with the OmniFold automatic folder gluer. Here an additional vertical bucklefolder may be installed inline after the segmented table. Furthermore, an angled bucklefolder may also be installed behind the original vertical bucklefolder (see photo) for the maximum capacity of a three buckle folder setup for any single project.

Bump90- Rotates stock 90 degrees for folding and gluing.


  • Increase converting capabilities
  • Positions stock accurately for taping, gluing and plow folding

The Bump 90 attachment rotates the sheet 90 degrees inline, providing accurate alignment for plow folding, taping and two directional gluing.

Score-N-Convert Kit - Score and perforate inline.


  • Score inline
  • Perforate inline
  • Multiple placements
  • “Drop-in” technology

By eliminating the diecutting and scoring process on an offline machine, you can save significant time and expense by scoring or perforating inline with the new Kluge Scoring feature. This new component can be “dropped” into place at up to three locations along the length of the machine. Note: As a standard feature of the OmniFold and ComFold folder gluers, registration can be achieved at each of these three points with the marble drive. The first and second mounting positions are at two places on the converting station ( IL-9 unit). Here, the Scoring feature utilizes existing hole locations for simple set up and to eliminate the manufacturing costs associated with a separate mounting bracket. The third mounting point (not available for the ComFold) is at the angled bucklefold location, where the buckle plate rail is used. In comparison to this quick and simple “drop-in” method, alternative scoring devices currently on the market feature a completely separate unit. Here the Scoring feature has to be rolled into place at the either feeder end of the machine or mid-stream. This results in a cumbersome and inconsistent-placement set up process.

With the Kluge Scoring feature you can be sure of consistent, quick set up of the device every time!

A total of three Scoring drop-ins can be used simultaneously for multiple scoring or perforating options. An application that utilizes multiple scoring is a four-sided reinforced book cover. Here the two reinforced fold tabs on left and right edges of the cover are scores, glued and then folded inline at the bucklefolder location. After a Bump90 (90 degree rotation of the sheet and re-registration) the process is repeated on the top and bottom edges of the piece at the IL-9 position. Finally the book cover is delivered complete of the stacked unit.

Other examples of production formats that can utilize the Scoring drop-in feature are: perforated “tear off” tabs; greeting cards; mailing products; medical folders and other products of multiple stock thickness.

Fold Hook Kit - For various auto-lock bottom applications


  • Create crossfolds
  • Convert auto-lock bottom boxes

In keeping with our reputation for highly versatile equipment, we have manufactured a fold hook kit for our automatic folder gluers. The optional feature enables users to convert auto-lock bottom boxes and comparable products inline, and at speeds of up to 5,000 + pieces per hour.

Examples of applications that will utilize this feature include pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other specialty packaging products.

Tab Balster – For the conversion of interior glue flaps.
6.5 inch, 18 inch, 33 inch and 36 inch Top Belt Drives - Provide product control.


  • 1/8″ thick belt
  • Spring loaded pressure wheels
  • Sealed bearings

Delivers continuous drive and pressure to products. The continuous drive aspect improves sheet control to all products that require plow, airgate or flipgate folding. Utilizes 1/8″ thick belt with skew adjustment for fine tuning sheet alignment. The Top Belt Drives have independently spring loaded pressure wheels to maintain even and firm pressure with sealed bearings throughout.

Accordion Kit - Convert accordion folders and similar folds.


  • Create multiple-sizes of accordion folds
  • increased converting capabilities

Increase the range of production formats that you can run on your folder gluer with the accordion fold kit. Consisting of various plows and folding swords, the accordion kit is capable of converting various sizes of 3-score gusset (or accordion) folds. Both 1/4″ and 3/8″ sized folds have been produced using the Kluge accordion fold kit. The most popular application for this type of fold is expandable file folders.

Note: The video here demonstrates the process of accordion folding and is not shown at production speed.

Stacker Unit - Compresses, counts & batches product.


  • Electronic batch counter
  • Electronic totalizing counter
  • Rack-and-pinion drive

Stacking and batching is made easy with the Kluge Stacker Unit. An electronic batch counter controls the belt drive providing consistent batching. An electronic totalizing counter keeps track of total production. The stacker height is easily adjusted by a rack-and-pinion drive.

Compression Stacker – Provides necessary time and compression for successful cold glue applications.